CANNA Bio Flores 250ml – 5L
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CANNA Bio Flores 250ml – 5L


BIOCANNA Bio Flores is a complete 100% natural fertiliser for flowering plants in potting mix or in the open ground. The product is composed of fermented plant material and contains betaine and many amino acids that give the plant extra flowering power.



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A 100% organic nutrient developed for cultivation in soil and used during the blooming phase of fast growing plants. BIOCANNA BioFlores contains hop extracts (Humulus lupulus) for extra flowering strength and is ideal for use indoors with container grown plants or outside in the open garden.

BIOCANNA nutrients do NOT contain animal products and are produced organically by a special plant fermentation process. They are rich in available plant nutrition and stimulate the plant s metabolism and resistance. In addition, they promote the microflora around the roots, which helps the plant absorb the necessary nutrients and also protects the plant s root environment.

Note: CANNA research has shown that products grown with BIOCANNA have a higher percentage of certain essential oils, which influence the flavor and scent of your harvest.

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